Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yes!!!finally, KELANTAN d winner....epy2~ At frist, I thought that N9 will win cuz N9 had precede(mendahului) 1-0....At that time, I juz like 'org mati suami'..hahaha!!btw, at 10:15 p.m. KHAIRUDDIN OMAR had give KELANTAN 1 score.GOAL!!So, d score is draw...This time, I juz like'suami hidup kembali'hahah! A little bit,relief.....After that, KELANTAN had sc0re another GOAL by BADRI RAZI.. Hairuddin met Norshahrul's cross and coolly shot past Negeri9 custodian Sani Anuar in the 57th min .Then, Mohd Badri ran onto Norfarhan's through pass and charge towards goal b4 unleashing a thunderous shot into goal..hu3...When d ball in d GOAL, I shouted as loud as I do...hu3....Can't imagine that time....2-1...It will make KELANTAN in comfortable 'zon'...In my heart, I'm sure that KELANTAN will get holidays!..Absolutaley great RED WARRIOR!....I'm pr0ud of RED WARRIOR...yes!

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